California Capsules | Tin Capsules
California Capsules is an innovative supplier of tin, polylaminate, screwcap and champagne foils for still and sparkling wines. Extensive decorative options are available.
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Tin Capsules

Ideal for High End Applications.

Ideal for top of the range items, small production runs and those customers looking for the most premium capsules available for their package.

-Diameter up to 34mm; Length up to 70mm

-pure tin capsule

-Up to 4 color top and side print design available

-Custom and stock offerings available

Explore Your Perfect Stock Color
Custom Examples
Each capsule produced is checked by a state of the art high speed camera ensuring that each capsule produced meets our quality standards. The system recognizes geometry and surface characteristics and can thus recognize even the smallest imperfection. This quality assurance process, unique to California Capsules, underlines our commitment to quality.
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