California Capsules | Our Story
California Capsules is an innovative supplier of tin, polylaminate, screwcap and champagne foils for still and sparkling wines. Extensive decorative options are available.
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Our Story

See what we’re all about.

Quality is more important than quantity. One homerun is better than two doubles.

H. Erben Ltd was founded in 1951 by World War II fighter pilot Harry Erben. Over the last 60 years the company has developed and diversified and is today led by Harry’s youngest son, Sasha Erben. With service, reliability and quality our top priorities, extensive customer support packages are the keys to our success. Headquartered in England, Erben maintains an extensive team of professionals, including a highly skilled technical team, to immediately address any issues involving their products. As a worldwide entity, Erben and its subsidiaries work around the clock to ensure that their customers receive exemplary service. While Erben’s main market is Europe, Erben currently supplies wineries on five continent.

Founded in late 2009 as the United States division of Erben Ltd., California Capsules has established itself in the California market as a preeminent supplier of capsules to the wine industry. Quality products, superior service and passionate people can be expected. We will adapt our offer to your real needs and requirements. Focusing always on the long term relationship, we will help you achieve your business objectives by reducing costs and providing superior products and service.

With several manufacturing facilities located throughout Europe, Erben ensures that no single interruption of the supply chain will affect the customers delivery schedule. Erben maintains offices in London, South Africa, California and will be expanding into South America with an office in Santiago, Chile.

Locations: Hadeigh, UK| Cape Town, South Africa| Paso Robles, US|

Part of the Erben Global Packaging Group, California Capsules is 100% family owned. For over 65 years we have been at the forefront of identifying market trends and developing products to meet them. Our longevity and experience is unmatched by any other supplier in the market.

What we do.

 Know Your Limitations and Then Defy Them


We stand behind every product we sell. Period. Short lead times and great value for your purchasing dollar have helped establish us as a preeminent supplier in the wine industry.

What Sets Us Apart

We are focused on long term relationships with our customers. As a partner, let us help you achieve your goals by providing superior products and service at a great value.


Service, Reliability and Quality are our top priorities. Our team is made up exclusively of individuals who are passionate about what they do. Erben and California Capsules work around the clock to ensure our customers receive exemplary service.

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